Corporate Culture


To provide an increased number of clients with sustained value addition at present and in the future by pursuing value investment strategies that combine knowledge and action to offer quality financial products of great value.

We are committed to the efficient allocation of resources and expect an increasing value of our clients’ wealth achieved through our investment practices. In return, the ever-increasing profit and value generated by our operations will bring common prosperity to our staff, our shareholders, and the entire society that we are an inseparable part of.

The mission of Everbest Fund is to provide an
increased number of clients with sustained value
addition at present and in the future by pursuing
value investment strategies.


Integrity is at the core of our work which is guided by cogent reason. Our boundary is defined by prudence, with freedom lying at its heart.

Our value investment philosophy and
people at Everbest are the
two cornerstones for our success.



We take integrity as the core value of ourselves as individuals and of our business. Integrity is the source of all value we create. Just as Mencius said, “Integrity is the principle of the universe and its attainment is the principle of men,” we are firmly convinced that integrity gives rise to success and the lack of it sows the seeds of destruction.


We hold fast to the investment principles of independence and objectiveness. Just as Warren Buffett once said, “only reason and logic can provide investors with long-term accumulation of wealth.” At Everbest, we explore the laws and facts of the business world through observation, comparison, analysis, synthesis, abstraction and summarization. Based on real data, we look deep into market facts and rely on logical deduction to guide our investment decision and action.


We maintain firmness and patience as our investment mentality, and our countenance remains unchanged even when mountains fall and oceans roar. In the seas of the economic and capital markets, we brave winds and waves in this swift vessel of Everbest.


We believe that truth grows out of freedom. Only by breaking through all barriers against enlightenment and by pursuing the philosophical state free of earthly desires for self, gains and fame, can we grasp the essence of investment in the changing business world, and thus gain the enlightenment of the truth of life.


  • We work with full enthusiasm, and we cherish the implementation and promotion of the value investment philosophy as our mission.

  • We respect our coworkers and clients, in the same way as we expect ourselves to be treated.

  • We trust each other’s capacity and moral quality, and we promote a culture of mutual trust and friendliness.

  • We create an atmosphere that is free and harmonious, and we cultivate an attitude that is patient and calm.

  • We encourage free communication and open dialog for mutual progress through exchanging ideas.

  • We are open to our clients with objective and timely disclosure of information. We do not exaggerate our performance, nor withhold risks.

  • We rely on objective and neutral approaches to issues, which are coupled with critical and prudent thinking and independent, forward-looking judgment.

  • We assume our responsibilities in a diligent and focused manner, and we strive for efficiency and progress, giving no chance to arrogance or rashness.

  • We strictly observe laws and regulations and abide by our code of ethics. We maintain the confidentiality of information related to Everbest and our clients.

Vision and commitments


To become China’ top investment manager in the field of value investment.


At present and in the future, we at Everbest will spare no effort to work towards the realization of our commitment to our clients: a sustained addition of wealth.